Lamina Therapeutics biotech is developing a new generation of implantable medical devices combined with stem cells for osteochondral regenerative medicine


Osteochondral damage in the knee affects 650 million people in the world (approximately 12 million in France), becoming an increasing medical problem. This damage is mostly caused by ageing and also joint injury affecting relatively young and active people, resulting in pain and mobility issues. Cartilage does not have self-healing capabilities and if left untreated this damage can lead to chronic osteoarthritis, a progressive disease with no cure today. There is a big need for innovative technologies to efficiently prevent cartilage degradation at an early stage and restore stable hyaline articular cartilage in localized chondral defects.


Lamina’s technology consists of a biodegradable medical device (MD) equipped with nanostructured reservoirs combined with bone marrow-derived healthy donor’s stem cells. Lamina. One product is a combined advanced therapy medicinal product (cATMP). This unique multifunctional approach offers a variety of potential applications addressing unmet medical needs in the field of orthopaedics, maxillofacial and periodontal lesions. With our Lamina. One product, we target both cartilage and bone regeneration.

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